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Business Consulting

Saivera Biz offers personalized Business consulting services for different sectors, businesses, and company situations. We address specialized subject areas within the fields of finance and risk management both for organizational and structural changes within a business. Our support includes IT and ERP architecture-related support by handling IT challenges and large-scale IT projects.
Saivera Biz Business consulting services assist the organization facing the challenges that arise from internal processes, company culture, or the requirement of a new business strategy to reflect the envisioned future. Saivera BIz equip organizations with tools to enable optimal remote work that helps to minimize or prevent disruption in Business operations.
Our Business consulting services adapt market dynamics to provide intensive quality management, training, and coaching to encounter the evolving customer expectations and emerging technologies.
Our Business consultation services comprehend:

Required support in the re-organization of the company.

To build a corporate structure in the dynamic environment.

Assist in centralizing the processes between various locations or companies.

Financial sector analysis in relation to human resource management.

An impartial assessment of the company’s actual statistics.

Training internal project manager for large-scale IT projects in the short term.

Provide beneficial Microsoft Dynamics NAV product environment.

Business Application Consulting

At Saivera Biz, we create application solutions with our dynamic application design and development expertise. With the help of these applications, we provide end-to-end solutions for marketing, advertising, finance, and other vital business processes.
We carry with us a vast experience of our adroit developers and have worked with varied organizations since the foundation where the applications are efficient to provide business insights and other important business metrics.

IT Consulting

Saivera Biz IT consulting services help organizations with a better understanding of emerging technologies, implementation of an Agile approach in project execution along with strategized tools and methodologies.
We deliver innovative strategies and solutions helping you get a hand at the competitive edge. Our IT consulting crew has a sharp understanding of emerging digital phenomena such as cloud, data, IoT, AI and machine learning with which we assure flexible delivery models fitting into your unique needs.

Business Process Consulting

At Saivera Biz, we offer business process consulting services with which we help businesses regarding researching and analyzing the business implementation processes for adding up to overall efficiency.
We focus chiefly on minimizing any prospective risk by creating innovative solutions and expanding business opportunities by leveraging these solutions in IT Strategy, IT Governance, enterprise architecture, Evaluation and business analytics in the Systems Integration.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Saivera Biz business Process Re-engineering deals with core business processes to achieve phenomenal improvements in business productivity. It involves a process where we start with the existing processes to deliver more value to the client.
Our process refocuses on company values and redesign core processes with information technology for enhancements and reorganize a business function and rethinking basic organizational issues that are being faced currently to improve.