Saivera BizConsulting LLC

Why Us?

Try and Buy

  • We provide 8 hours of free consultation on any area covering our expertise, if you
    are happy with the results, we work longer term together.
  • No long-term commitment needed, we can bill based on support provided, or for
    smaller break-up of tasks

Our team has been using Navision since its early stages dating back to 2001, and as such,
we now have a great amount of expertise and knowledge on how Navision works and the
additional needs that are required when integrating Navision for use within a business.
This makes us the obvious point of call when you need any Navision\BC related services.

Healthier Solutions

Having had the opportunity to work on various versions of Navision before it translated to
become Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, we are well versed with all the programming
standards that are required for the software to perform optimally.

Promises are Kept

We never undertake a task unless we can allocate the required hours to get the task
completed. We provide detailed estimate of the hours required for the work to be
undertaken on our Statement of Work and deliver as promised.

Accelerated Services

With our a la carte service plan end user issues can be resolved quickly using our faster
email support.
Our flexible support plans give you the opportunity to use our a la carte service, which is
charged hourly, or a fixed price support service.

We are always willing to help our clients. Getting client issue resolved is our love and